Mediation Services in little rock, arkansas

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    an excellent alternative to litigation

    Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation. It is a process led by a neutral individual referred to as a Mediator. Mediators assist the parties to communicate effectively and help them explore solutions to their conflict. Mediators engage with the parties separately when helpful, such as whenever they need to discuss or disclose information that should not be shared with the other party or parties. It is also helpful when the conflict is tense or involves sensitive issues. Mediators do not have an interest in a particular outcome; only that it is mutually agreeable to all participants.

    How it works

    We will take a statement from each party to get an overview of the matter. We will then schedule a subsequent call or video conference to explain what to expect throughout the mediation process. Our goal is a safe, comfortable, and effective dispute resolution for all parties. Once the date and time is scheduled, we will follow up with each party to confirm the date and time, and to provide further details.

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    For complex issues or mediations involving several parties, please email